A Letter from palm's congregation council

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Greetings from your church council! This letter comes for several reasons - first, we want to follow up on both the President’s statement yesterday regarding the reopening of houses of worship, and to comment on the Bishop’s most current recommendations for congregations in this synod, which were also circulated yesterday. Second, we need to alert you to some more communications that will be coming soon. We write this in light of our church’s mandate to bear one another’s burdens, to care for the sick, and to protect the wellbeing of all our members.

Palm will not be resuming in-person worship this weekend, and unfortunately, we do not yet have a timeframe for when we can meet once again. Even when our counties are moving into the yellow phase, we will be limited to gatherings of less than twenty-five people, all of whom will need to wear masks and maintain social distance. What’s more, when congregations gather for worship, we do some of the things that spread germs far and fast. We sing, we speak in unison, we touch things that one another touch, all of which amplify the risk to our members. We will share more details with you soon regarding a plan to resume worship, as safely as we can, in the near future. Until then, the building remains closed for corporate worship, and we will continue posting weekly services online.

After over two months of quarantine, we’re all eager to gather for worship again, and for fellowship, and care for our community, and everything else that we do. We are a church family, and families belong together under one roof. But we are also commanded by Christ to love and care for each other. Right now, not gathering in public, and protecting ourselves when we do, is the best way to do that. We will communicate with you when and how it is safe to come together once more. Until then, please know that we are all here for you. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any council member. If you have a specific need for care, please let Pr. Carl know. We will get through this season together, and we will gather again with great rejoicing in our sacred space when it is safe to do so again. Oh, the joy we will share then! Until that time, God’s peace be with you!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

The Council of Palm Lutheran Church