ELCA missionaries have helped establish growing churches throughout the world.
Through ELCA Global Church Sponsorship, Palm Lutheran Church supports
ELCA missionaries serving around the world, specifically the ones listed below:

Dr. stephen & jodi Swanson

Jodi and Steve Swanson, along with their three children, arrived in Tanzania in 2013 to work as global health personnel at Arusha Lutheran Medical Center and Selian Lutheran Hospital. Jodi is a pediatric nurse with a passion for community health and development, and Steve is a pediatrician with advanced training in infectious and tropical diseases. Their focus lies within three areas: training Tanzanian

health professionals, developing a neonatal intensive  care unit and establishing a feeding program for malnourished children.

dr. stephen & Bethany friberg

Steven and Bethany have been partners in mission in Tanzania for 20 years. Steve is a doctor and coordinator for 10 medical clinics which serve nomadic Maasai people in remote areas. Steve is fortunate to work with 15 motivated and competent Tanzanian doctors. The clinics are located near permanent water sources and are the only medical care available. They provide free immunizations, prenatal care, and various forms of contraception. Tropical diseases such as malaria, TB, trachoma, STI, anemia, malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies are treated. The largest of these clinics is located in Mto wa Mbu and provides long-term treatment for over 1000 HIV patients. Bethany works with 60 women in NAAPOK, an income generation project involving traditional beaded artistry.