music  ministry

Palm continues to be a source for the nurturing of our souls. We are inspired by the sound of organ, piano, bells, voices and various instruments that are such an integral part of our worship experience. Whether it is the delicate sound of a soft flute soaring above the organ or the power of a full brass ensemble complementing our magnificent pipe organ, we are fortunate to have so many people offering their time and talent to enrich the worship experience.


Sanctuary Choir (Adults)

The Sanctuary Choir sings each week except during the summer. They do not sing the third Sunday of each month so that choir members can volunteer for other activities. A wide variety of musical selections include traditional to modern compositions, often accompanied by instrumentalists.


Bell Choir (High School and Adult)

The five-octave Bell Choir plays the prelude or offertory once each month from October until May. This group is limited to thirteen players. Openings can occur at any time so if you are interested, please inform Steve Inners. The ability to read music and understand rhythm patterns is a pre-requisite for participating.


Various instrumental music is used throughout the year. Performances often include Palm’s brass and tympani instrumentalists. If you play an instrument and would like to play a solo or be part of an ensemble, please let Steve Inners know.

For information regarding any of the choirs please contact
Steve Inners (717-578-6048).