sunday church school


Sunday School classes meet at 9:15 AM.


A class for all ages meets at 8:15 AM.

God nurtures our faith as we learn together. At Palm we are fortunate to have a robust Sunday School program where we can build and nurture the foundation of our faith. As children, we learn the stories of the Bible and begin to understand the gift of God’s love. As we get older, we revisit those Bible stories for deeper meaning, learning how to navigate the joys and struggles of our daily lives as children of God. Sunday School provides a place for us to grow in our understanding of the Living Word, engage in discussions with our peers, and gain confidence to rely on our faith as young adults, parents and grandparents.

Perhaps equally important, Sunday School is where many people begin to feel like they are truly part of their church family. It’s where our children begin lifelong friendships and we, as adults, find meaningful relationships we might not have expected to find. We welcome you to join us. There are classes for children in Pre-K through high school and several classes for adults ranging from in-depth Bible study to parenting.

primary grades


The little ones are introduced to Bible stories through coloring, and singing. As their fine motor skills improve, they engage in craft activities that depict scenes or characters from the Bible stories they hear. 

Grades K —Grade 5

The Spark Lectionary curriculum ties weekly lessons and Bible stories to the Lutheran Church Lectionary. In this way, the Gospel lesson the children hear during the worship service is the same one they talked about in Sunday School. The activities, discussions and prayers are age-appropriate to each classroom.These children begin to delve more deeply into the Bible stories they study. Their activities gradually include more thoughtful discussions about how the story relates to today’s world. These activities become more creative and appropriate to their level of physical and intellectual development.

Learn more about the Spark Lectionary here.

middle-high school

Middle School

The older children study the Faith Incubators + Head to the Heart (H2H) Confirmation Program. These students engage in a variety of brain-based, visual learning activities to help them grasp key concepts at their own level, including Art Attack, Media Mix (viewing DVDs, listening to CDs, etc.) and Bible Time, among others. The H2H program helps prepare them for Confirmation. The classroom is located in the north corridor.

High School

The youth are recapturing the joy of being a child and applying it to their relationship with God by reading and discussing the book "Dangerous Wonder, The Adventure of Childlike Faith" by Michael Yaconelli. The Youth Room is accessible by either corridor.

adult class

Adults of all ages are welcome to join us in thought-provoking faith-based discussions. We are currently discussing the lessons of the day (lectionary), using the weekly “Working Preacher” pod cast as our guide for deeper Biblical understanding. You will, at times, be challenged to think outside your comfort zone, but in the most fruitful and transformational way. We need you to help us all grow in faith and understanding, so please join us.