ADMINISTrative committees


The Archive Committee responds to requests for information and materials about Palm. 

Members research, organize, display and protect Palm’s historical documents and artifacts.


This committee oversees the financial matters of the congregation, including monthly income, expenses and procurement procedures. The Finance Committee also prepares Palm’s annual budget.


This committee plans social and fellowship activities throughout the year for the Palm congregation and the community at large. By promoting fellowship, the Hospitality Committee strengthens our members’ social and spiritual bonds.

Personnel and Salary

The Personnel and Salary Committee is responsible for identifying staffing needs, preparing job descriptions and compensation packages, and conducting interviews.


The Property Committee is comprised of members of the congregation with experience or interest in building maintenance. Members make minor repairs, or recommend contractors and evaluate bids and proposals.


The Stewardship Committee supports and encourages stewardship through the sharing of time, talents and treasures of our members to fulfill and enhance the mission and ministry of Palm Lutheran Church.

Worship and Music

This committee is responsible for coordinating the worship life of the congregation, centering on word, sacrament, and music ministry.